Sometimes a show needs insane props such as Audrey II puppets or a machine of unknowable function for Belle's father in Beauty and the Beast.  Props provide a massive challenge for any production, luckily I love a challenge! 

Some of my favorite creations have been props like the Audrey II puppet which had some major design hurdles to overcome such as

  • A large plant puppet which could grow and change
  • Should look and move like a living organism
  • Must be able to open and close mouth in time to diologue
  • Had to open wide enough to swallow full grown actors with a hidden passage for them to exit
  • Must be able to emerge from a small space due to lack of backstage space
  • Should be fire retardant

After a lot of blood sweat and tears the Audrey II was a massive success in Belvoir Players Academy's production of Little Shop of Horrors 2017 and had audiences gasping in amazement.

Vince Vyce is one of the most talented and passionate artists I know. From set/prop design to graphic design, I have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of productions and witnessing his ingenious ideas come to life. Vince has such a unique creative flair and distinctive style, with no limits to his imagination. Not only that, Vince is incredibly passionate and has an outstanding work ethic. He isn’t afraid to use his initiative to strengthen and build up a client’s ideas, whilst being respectful, reliable and eager to please. Vince has all the positive attributes of a perfectionist and I couldn’t recommend him enough!
— Jamie McClelland - Ravara Productions